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Writer's Block: Timeless tales

What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

Uuuhm.. @__@ I didn't read a lot when I was a child...but I remember some books of short famous stories :D I remember just a few, but I kinda remember I liked the puss in boots...which I must say has a funny name in english, I prefer El gato con botas, no "puss", it sounds like "pus"...yeah, I mean the word in spanish "pus" which is not very pretty...

The point is I think I liked the Puss in Boots :3 dunno why, maybe because I liked cats.
Then again, define "child", how old? @__@

Writer's Block: Rise and shine

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Normally I say "Uggh" and turn myself around in bed. Then slooowly get up and go take a shower.
It's pretty much always the same, only different hours depending if it's week day or weekend (too many hours later) haha.
And when someone unexpectedly ends up with a PS3 in his/her room, you know what happens...LJ dies for a looong time.

The funny thing is, the PS3 is not even yours, but your gonna keep it for like half a year...or...forever? @_@



Mi comienzo como graffitera hahaha xP

Lolz, vi España vs Portugal en el cine ;D xD

Nee~ ya que México quedó fuera TT___TT y también Japón...hm...talvez...¿le vaya a España? @___@
No hay otro equipo que me llame la atención para apoyar xP o...talvez...¿Holanda? xD necesita una seria meditación

...¬_¬ Y si Rosetti...<_< arbitro vendido...
(♫ Es hijo de juanga y americanista ♪)

what was it?¿ 12-10MP?¿

I love Memo's camera *w*

When you think you can understand a little bit of a japanese manga with your little japanese knowledge, comes Hiroshi and lends you one of his. Oh what the hell, I understood like half of the first story, and laughed anyway.

Gyagumanga biyori for anyone who's interested. I must admit, it is funny...despite the not-understanding issue...

more random shits..er I mean shots.Collapse )
¡¡¡Y maldito calor del demonio!!! Son las once de la noche y estoy sudandooo...¡¡¡sin hacer nada!!! <_<
Surprisingly, you can just go into a Starbucks, sit on a couch with your friend and sleep for about and hour, without anyone telling you anything... it was comfortable, but still embarrassing xP
It was the place with the most comfortable couches around...and we were tired xD
....My computer is dead....DEAD.


waaa~!!! Mi compu ya funciona!!!!!!! Ya furula! Ya furulaaaa!!!!!!!! TTwTT soy taaaan feliz~~~!!!! x3333



What is the one simple indulgence you could never live without? Would you consider giving it up permanently for any amount of money?

I'm wondering what would that be o_O
If we're talking about a "thing" then something like family and friends are out sooo... um, I think I don't have something I really like that I haven't been away from it, and I've always survived o.O Hmm, I'm thinking of videogames or something like that but it's not that I have the time to play them regularly to say that I can't live without it. Okay, I seriously have no idea... are we talking about "it" out of my life forever? It's to be something material that I can touch and all that? O.o (If not, then happiness would be it, I suppose, I mean, I'd kill myself if I were unhappy xD...but that's too stupid for an answer soo xD) Hmm, anyway, I'm sure I would NOT give it up for money, whatever it is. (Yay! A concrete answer!)

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